Chanterelle, My Belle...

I love food that makes me sing. Whenever I'm lucky enough to get my hands on some Chanterelles, I find myself singing that Beatles tune, imagining a beautiful woman in a long filmy gown standing on a moonlit balcony with warm breezes stirring her hair, and an old Spanish guy playing softly in the background.

Which, given that a Chanterelle is a mushroom, is a little odd. But then again, it does kinda fit the above description, albeit upside down:

Ain't she gorgeous? And she smells good too, like apricots. Mmmm....

My point, and I do have one, is that there's more than one way to enjoy a mushroom.

Okay, let me try again. What I mean to say is that the food with which we nourish our bodies can also nourish our imagination. And if you shop locally and buy fresh organic ingredients, all the better.

My favorite way to enjoy these lovelies? Sauteed in a little butter over...well, anything. Delish!

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JerseyTjej said...

These grow wild here in Sweden and the hubbs and step-son must have picked over 4 kilos this spring! We still have bags of them frozen in the freezer. There may be some photos on my Flickr...they were huge!