Go A Little Wild...With Your Hostess Gift

Summertime means BBQs, drinks by the pool, long weekends at the shore, picnics in the park and the eternal question, what to bring?

Truth be told, after awhile, even the best of friends will tire of yet another bottle of wine. Unless of course it's champagne. No one ever tires of champagne. Or of your company, which is always welcome. But wouldn't you like to show up with something truly special in hand?

Let your host or hostess know how much you value their invitation by bringing an edible bouquet that will make that bottle of champagne even more special.

Just drop a jewel-toned wild hibiscus bud into a glass of bubbly and watch the magic happen. Tiny bubbles stream off the opening petals as you and your hostess clink glasses. Down your drink (it's so good, we dare you not to finish it in one gulp), and you’re left with a beautiful raspberry and rhubarb-flavored bloom you can eat.

No kidding.

The bright red flowers are grown in Australian fields where they are picked, deseeded, and cleaned by hand, then gently packed in their own crimson syrup without preservatives, additives, artificial colors or flavors.

Oh, and one other thing. An 8oz. jar of Wild Hibsicus Flowers in Syrup is only $11! Plus, it includes a cocktail guide. So even with shipping, it's cheaper -- and way more impressive -- than anything you would have come up with on your own.

You know I speak the truth.

Of course, you can also put them in soda water, lemonade, or the office punch bowl. Or use them to garnish your world-famous dessert. However you decide to go wild, there's no question you'll receive an invitation to return.


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Anonymous said...

I'm still looking for an excuse to try these, they're beautiful!