Good Reads

Lately I've been wanting something truly, deeply good and satisfying to read. You know, something so good that you miss your stop on the subway or end up with a crick in your neck from reading over someone's shoulder.

Then a friend turned me onto GoodReads, where you can flaunt some mental muscle by cataloging your preferred prose, childhood favorites, and cherished classics and get recommendations for books of every stripe and shelf. After sorting your virtual libraries onto "shelves" of books — categories such as "to-read," and "currently reading," — you can talk about in digital book clubs.

I've already started a "Beach Reading" shelf. Should you find yourself somewhere on a beach, under an umbrella with a few hours to kill, check out The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band. No kidding, I could care less about the band but the stories are RIDICULOUS. So, what's on your shelf?


JerseyTjej said...

I was trying to see the aqua sivery piece and the blog keeps freezing! I bought America the Beautiful by Moon Unit Zappa several years ago and pulled it off the shelf. I had such a great time reading it and laughed so hard most of the time. It was an excellent summer read! Of course my favorite was and still is the Emperor of Ocean Park!

SudsMuffin said...

Your jewelry pieces are beautiful. I have added a cross link to you on my blog. I also appreciate the link you added about the "Notorious" book. I think I will be buying that for my brother but I might sneak read it first before passing it on. Stop on over at my blog for a visit too. See you on Etsy! :)

persuede said...

Tjej --

Try it now...I just checked it and it
*looks* like its working. You never know with blogspot.

I'm going to add that to my shelf on Good Reads. It is crazy what some people can get away with! And a real eye-opener - not a book I would have picked up on my own but was glad in the end that I read it.

Emperor of Ocean Park -- I think it's being made into a movie

persuede said...

suds -- thanks! love the island sunset soap. Your color scheme rocks! (takes a real man to wear pink).

Your in my list of links now too!

The Dirt is a quick read, so you might be able to squeeze it in. I laughed out loud at some of the nonsense, and just shook my head at others.

The opening chapter has to go down in history as one of the more outrageous beginnings of a modern book.

See you on etsy.

Tania said...

Wow, I love your stuff, you are very talented chica!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Now I gotta go pick up that book, I love a fun read.

persuede said...

Thanks T!