Much Ado About A Parking Lot

If you've never seen a live performance of Shakespeare, you couldn't ask for a better introduction than the drilling company's production of Much Ado About Nothing. The origin of such pithy turns of phrase as this -- "When I said I would die a bachelor, I did not think I should live till I were married" -- the play is the thing in this wonderfully modern production.

Using minimal props and the brick walls of tenement housing as a backdrop, the actors perform their hearts out. No previous knowledge of Shakespearian dialogue is required to follow the story line, thanks to the dramatic presence of these asphalt thespians. So, this weekend pull up a lawn chair, keep your beer in the bag, and enjoy an evening out at the theater.

Oh, and one more thing: It's free.


Tania said...

Is this in Brooklyn? my sis lives in Brooklyn, not too far from Williamsburg. I will let her know.

persuede said...

Almost...Lower East Side, which is just across the bridge from Williamsburg. It's in a Municipal Garage on Ludlow -- you really can't go too wrong for free.

If you go to this page:

and scroll down there's a review of an earlier production with the location and a map.

Tania said...

Thanks! I'll let her know.