Yo! Taxi!

So this week there was a two-day cab strike in NYC over the involuntary placement of GPS in taxis. Both sides are claiming victory, New Yorkers are a little grumpier and the GPS doo-hickeys are still being installed.

Luckily, there's a well-thought out solution to some of these irritants. RideAmigos.com is a new carpooling website that’s all about connecting neighbors, reducing pollution, and splitting rising prices between riders.

Devised by a guy whose “commute sucks” (lonely rides from his Alphabet City apartment to his Midtown East office racked up, as did his transportation fees), the free Internet “search, post, and contact” engine allows users to create cab shares anywhere in NYC, Chicago and San Francisco.

Because it rolled out this week, the site needs good people like you to post (daily, weekly, one time) routes you’d like to split with other riders.

Wanna lift?


gina said...

That is a cool idea, why did they not have that when I worked at Chase Manhattan...sigh.

I never get tired of looking at that necklace and I am trying to find a way to buy it! a yard and a quarter is SO far out of my reach right now...

Tania said...

That is a great idea! especiallly when unfortunate events happen in the city and no subways are running. I'll have to forward that to my sis.

Tania said...

Hope you're having a good friday!