Something to Remember

A South American folktale from Wangari Maathai, the Nobel Prize-winning founder of Kenya's Greenbelt Movement:

There is a terrible forest fire. All the animals are fleeing the conflagration except Hummingbird, who is flying back and forth, scooping up little up little slivers of water from a spring and dumping them on the flames. "What do you think you're doing, stupid little bird?" the other animals ask derisively, and Hummingbird says, "I'm doing what I can."

As we enter the season of giving, it's good to remember that sometimes all it takes to make a difference is to try.

UPDATE: Thanks for Francesca for this link to a short video clip of Maathai telling the hummingbird story.


Tania said...

So true! it's hard to remember others sometimes when you're so involved in your own life. We all need reminders from time to time.

Francesca said...

Wonderful story isn't it? The link below is a video of Wangari telling the story herself of the humming bird http://greenbeltmovement.org/blog/entry.php?id=53#comments



Francesca said...

sorry that link didn't come out here it is again.

JerseyTjej said...

I love stories like that!
Did you get " it" back yet!?

persuede said...

francesca, thanks for the link. How wonderful!

persuede said...

JT -- I was just thinking of you! Haven't gotten it back yet. How long does it usually take?

How's kicks otherwise?