Speak, Memory

I just returned from a preview (thank you Ant Deb!) of the New York premiere of Adrienne Kennedy's Ohio State Murders, featuring LisaGay Hamilton, at the Theater for a New Audience. There's a good profile of the playwright and what inspired her to write the play in the Sunday New York Times.

It's a deeply personal, moving drama about a fictional African-American writer whose life both is and is not like her author’s. When Suzanne enters Ohio State in the 1950's, little does she know that the safe haven of academia conceals forces of racism, leading to a matter-of-fact sadness made all the more powerful by the reflection and refraction of memory. Though only an hour, the interior rhythms of the play pull you in; by the time the final scene played, it felt as if the entire audience was breathing together in time.

LisaGay, who last played on Broadway in August Wilson's The Piano Lesson and Gem of the Ocean, is remarkable. (You'll probably recognize her from her long-standing role on The Practice). The entire cast is excellent, but it is her intelligent, nuanced and deeply affecting portrayal of a woman releasing years of entwined secrets and memories that carries the evening.

It premieres on Sunday and plays through November 18th. Go see it.


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