Canada in New York

Remember when it was more affordable for Americans to travel north? The world has changed my friends. We now live in an era where the Canadians are creating ice ponds in our backyard, and we're thanking them for it.

Truth be told, most New Yorkers expect the world to come to them anyway -- so entitled we are! -- so why not ski in midtown? It's "Alberta Week" at Bryant Park and the folks at the Canadian Tourism Board have created an apres-ski lodge featuring spa treatments, board games and hot cocoa.

You have 'til Thursday to fill your mug with melted marshmallows while having your feet rubbed. After that, blame Canada.

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Tania said...

Man@ how cool is that!

I remember going to Vancouver not too long ago and having awesome 5 star meals for half the price of an american one, those were the days and I wish they would come back!