A Delightful Intro to December

What a marvelous time we had at my dear Aunt Deb's tea party in honor of Persuede. I woke to a classic New York snow scene and thought, well, extra Prosecco and Pomegrante cocktails for me...but as it turned out, almost everyone came! And good thing too, because Aunt Deb put out quite a spread:

Oh so savory -- and homemade! -- gravlax, delicious little nutty cookies with pecans and almonds, truffle honey from Italy, dangerously good banana-oatmeal-chocolate biscotti, rich chocolate ganache cupcakes with little edible pearls, incredible cheeses and dips...yum yum.

I wore my new favorite piece:

Isn't she gorgeous? The tiger brownlip shell is gilded with a splash of gold and strung on a chestnut-colored suede cord knotted with dark chocolate-colored wood beads. With all the requests I got today, I'm hoping to have a few available before Christmas. In the meantime, to whet your holiday shopping appetite, persuede.etsy.com is featuring a number of new lovelies.

A good hostess knows that what makes a party is the people. A big thank you to everyone who braved the weather to come to the debut of Persuede. I'm bowled over by the support and wish everyone to wear their pretty, sparkly designs in good health.

Go gorgeous!


Tania said...

That necklace is gorge!

I am so hongry right now, you ain't right!

persuede said...

Thanks T. I'm feeling really excited about all the work I"m producing. And Sunday was awesome. More stuff coming!