Ode to Common Things

I have a crazy,
crazy love of things.
I like pliers,
and scissors.
I love
and bowls -
not to speak, or course,
of hats.
I love
all things,
not just
the grandest,
small -
and flower vases.
Oh yes,
the planet
is sublime!
It's full of pipes
through tobacco smoke,
and keys
and salt shakers -
I mean,
that is made
by the hand of man, every little thing:
shapely shoes,
and fabric,
and each new
bloodless birth
of gold,
carpenter's nails,
clocks, compasses,
coins, and the so-soft
softness of chairs.
Mankind has
oh so many
Built them of wool
and of wood,
of glass and
of rope:
ships, and stairways.
I love
not because they are
or sweet-smelling
but because,
I don't know,
this ocean is yours,
and mine;
these buttons
and wheels
and little
fans upon
whose feathers
love has scattered
its blossoms
glasses, knives and
scissors -
all bear
the trace
of someone's fingers
on their handle or surface,
the trace of a distant hand
in the depths of forgetfulness.
I pause in houses,
streets and
touching things,
identifying objects
that I secretly covet;
this one because it rings,
that one because
it's as soft
as the softness of a woman's hip,
that one there for its deep-sea color,
and that one for its velvet feel.
O irrevocable
of things:
no one can say
that I loved
or the plants of the jungle and the field,
that I loved
those things that leap and climb, desire, and survive.
It's not true:
many things conspired
to tell me the whole story.
Not only did they touch me,
or my hand touched them:
they were
so close
that they were a part
of my being,
they were so alive with me
that they lived half my life
and will die half my death.

-- Pablo Neruda


New York City Noir

Featuring cool dames, hot guns and men of few words, Film Forum's five-week program leaves no shadowy classic behind: Billy Wilder's strung-out, wrung-out The Lost Weekend (1945); Rosemary's Baby, Polanksi's stylized 1968 valentine to NYC real estate, satanic cults, and Mia Farrow's then-gamine charms; and Alan J Pakula's women's libber-thriller Klute (1971), starring Donald Sutherland as well as Jane Fonda's shag 'do; and that pinnacle of noir, Otto Preminger's 1944 classic Laura.

Through Thursday, August 30. Get your tickets now...they tend to sell out fast. And while you're ordering, listen to another master's take on a classic:

Laura, Charlie Parker with Strings


For the Man Who Almost Has Everything


Acero de Azul

From the strong but not so silent jewelry collection.

Steel wire bent, burnished, wrapped and molded into a energetic embrace of a striking silver-blue stone pendant from Costa Rica.

Inspired by the intersections of Mondrian, with an edge.

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A Parable of the Cloth

My friend Pam recently turned me on to Parable Ink, an artist collective with original iconography on clothing. Their mission is to tell stories through designs inspired by urban space and people. Naturally, being an urban girl who likes a good story, I found myself coveting this abstract of a NYC subway map:

Each design is created and custom printed by the artist (love the craft aspect!) and made from super soft lightweight cotton. These babies feel as good as they look.

Pam likes to wear this one on casual Fridays. She rocks.


I'm So Glad You Called

Back when I was a swinging single gal-about-town, I would sometimes find myself in the middle of a not-so-great date, wishing I had made arrangements with a friend for "The Emergency Phone Call."

I know you know what I'm talking about.

Now, thanks to the magic of the World Wide Web and the hard work of some bright young people (who else has time to do this? It took me AND my boyfriend an hour and a half last night just to connect the dvd player to the cable box), The Emergency Phone Call has gone high-tech.

Created to assuage uncomfortable situations and upgrade your cellular reputation, Popularity Dialer allows you to send yourself a phone call. Simply enter your number, choose the day and time you wish to be buzzed, and pick the type of conversation that will best serve your situation.

Fair warning: the site only allows five free calls to the same number. So use them wisely and for situations where perhaps it's best not to have to explain why you may need "The Emergency Phone Call."

Myself, I'm partial to the gushing personal review. Who needs daily affirmations when you can schedule a call to tell you just how terrific you are?


One More Week...

of National Blueberry Month. Yum.

little bursts of blue
jam like summer on my tongue
taste buds of delight


Cool Water x 2

Holding the cool, roundness of these beautifully balanced earrings in my hand, I flash back my favorite days spent on the beaches of Martha's Vineyard.

The gleam of the Sterling Silver hammered hoops and dangling pale green Amazonite and Rainbow Fluorite beads is like an ocean breeze.

Rainbow Fluorite balances energies and opens chakras. Amazonite soothes nerves and improves thinking abilities.

And much like the changing colors on the surface of the sea, these gems are subtly-colored, yet can flash in an instant with pale purples, blues and greens.

When I wear these pieces, I swear I can almost smell the ocean.

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Go A Little Wild...With Your Hostess Gift

Summertime means BBQs, drinks by the pool, long weekends at the shore, picnics in the park and the eternal question, what to bring?

Truth be told, after awhile, even the best of friends will tire of yet another bottle of wine. Unless of course it's champagne. No one ever tires of champagne. Or of your company, which is always welcome. But wouldn't you like to show up with something truly special in hand?

Let your host or hostess know how much you value their invitation by bringing an edible bouquet that will make that bottle of champagne even more special.

Just drop a jewel-toned wild hibiscus bud into a glass of bubbly and watch the magic happen. Tiny bubbles stream off the opening petals as you and your hostess clink glasses. Down your drink (it's so good, we dare you not to finish it in one gulp), and you’re left with a beautiful raspberry and rhubarb-flavored bloom you can eat.

No kidding.

The bright red flowers are grown in Australian fields where they are picked, deseeded, and cleaned by hand, then gently packed in their own crimson syrup without preservatives, additives, artificial colors or flavors.

Oh, and one other thing. An 8oz. jar of Wild Hibsicus Flowers in Syrup is only $11! Plus, it includes a cocktail guide. So even with shipping, it's cheaper -- and way more impressive -- than anything you would have come up with on your own.

You know I speak the truth.

Of course, you can also put them in soda water, lemonade, or the office punch bowl. Or use them to garnish your world-famous dessert. However you decide to go wild, there's no question you'll receive an invitation to return.



Chanterelle, My Belle...

I love food that makes me sing. Whenever I'm lucky enough to get my hands on some Chanterelles, I find myself singing that Beatles tune, imagining a beautiful woman in a long filmy gown standing on a moonlit balcony with warm breezes stirring her hair, and an old Spanish guy playing softly in the background.

Which, given that a Chanterelle is a mushroom, is a little odd. But then again, it does kinda fit the above description, albeit upside down:

Ain't she gorgeous? And she smells good too, like apricots. Mmmm....

My point, and I do have one, is that there's more than one way to enjoy a mushroom.

Okay, let me try again. What I mean to say is that the food with which we nourish our bodies can also nourish our imagination. And if you shop locally and buy fresh organic ingredients, all the better.

My favorite way to enjoy these lovelies? Sauteed in a little butter over...well, anything. Delish!


Hotter than Fish Oil

I don't know about where you might be, but where I am, it's hot enough to fry an egg.

I'm dating myself, I know.
Stay cool New York. Stay cool.



Pretty, cool, beach-glass the color of water -- a sun catcher for your summer -- delicately suspended on the lightest of sterling silver chains, supported by an architectural column of Aquamarine, and charmed with tiny iridescent sea-gray glass beads.

Each necklace features this gem of joy, hope, love and spiritual vision in solid and ephemeral form -- the latter in brilliant, smooth-polished stones so pale they're nearly clear.

Aquamarine is often used for calming the mind and lifting the spirits. No wonder this piece takes me back the feeling of light on the ocean's horizon line.

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A Day at the Beach

For years, every August, my family would decamp for the gloriously wind-swept beaches of Martha's Vineyard.

Anyone I've ever met who has spent time there invariably uses the word "magic" to describe the island, albeit somewhat sheepishly. I think that sensation -- that magic -- is a combination of the light playing with the sand and the salty-sweetness of the ocean breeze.

Lately, even as I've been stuck in New York City for the dog days of summer, I've wanted to wear something that reminded me of my Martha's Vineyard beaches. Even if I can't be there, I can be there.

When I found these gorgeous rainbow flourite beads and held their cool, roundness in my hand, I flashed back to one of my favorite days at the beach. Turns out, at least on the Vineyard, that there's a pot of golden sand spilling into a pale green sea the end of the rainbow.

Shhh....it'll be our little secret.

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Shades of Midnight

Inky, dark, elemental.

Cooled magma from one of nature's most passionate expressions, lava stone is literally the heart of the earth, exposed to air but still retaining its secrets. Mixed with gorgeous, moody labradorite, this multi-strand piece flows into an Italian ceramic focal bead.

An uncommon necklace for an uncommon woman.

Based on a piece commissioned as a personal talisman.

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