I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts

You'll definitely catch something frightfully delicious in your decadent web when you wear this necklace out for a night on the town. From my friend Pam's Haute Halloween collection. It's not only Haute, it's Hot. Which is what everyone will be saying when they see you rockin' this bad boy on October 31.

Definitely treat.


Cultural Bang for Less Thank A Buck

For less than a buck (no joke—there’s not even a service charge), New Yorkers can look like the mask on the left when it comes to scoring theater tickets.

Thanks to a new program at Soho Rep, tickets to any Sunday performance of a main-stage production are only 99 cents. Tix will be available early November for their next show, No Dice -- come for the magic, stay for the ham sandwiches! -- from Nature Theater of Oklahoma.

That's not a deal, that's a steal.


Color Me Happy

I'm a doodler. I doodle when I'm on the phone, on the subway, while watching TV. It helps me to think, to work out design problems I can't quite figure out.

Naturally I have a favorite pen for doodling. But then I saw these lovelies, I thought why am I limiting myself to black and blue when there's a whole rainbow-colored world of felt tip pins out there?

Le Pen by Marvy is elegant, inexpensive, and the micro felt tip is divine. And at $1.50 each in 18 colors, you can actually afford the rainbow!


Autumn in New York

New York does just about every season well. But there really isn't anything else like Fall.

October, Prospect Park, Brooklyn. (c) persuede.com


In The Eye of the Tiger

Embrace your inner kitty cat and get ready for some fierce fall fashion with these Tiger Iron hoops. These seriously chic and seriously gorgeous earrings will have you ready to roar when your runway number is called.

No surprise, Tiger Iron's variegated stripes of golden Tiger Eye, Red Jasper, and dark Hematite strengthen force of will and courage, and act as a protective shield.

Go ahead, answer the call.

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Sweet Dreams

Ever wish you could afford custom bedding? You know, the cool/pretty/funky/hip patterns you see in magazines like Domino?

Well, now you can.

Whomever thought up the concept for inmode design studio -- a design-your-own-bedding site -- is a 3000 thread-count genius. No kidding, this site is addictive.

First, you select your fabric -- cotton, linen, silk dupioni, or silk taffeta. Next, a hand-embroidered pattern. Then choose the base color of the duvet and shams, as well as the embroidery color for each detail of the design. Finish up by selecting your duvet size.

See what I mean? Genius.

And within reach. Queen-sized cotten duvets, for example, start at $159. Now, that's not Target prices, but for a hand-embroidered, custom-made, you'll go to sleep with a smile on your face one-of-a-kind item, it ain't bad.

Though I do have a wee concern.... it's so much fun creating different styles and color combos, you might actually end up losing sleep.