Remember that movie from the mid-90s with Dustin Hoffman where he's suited up in a crazy safety-yellow Hazmat jumper, trying to contain a deadly airborne virus that some baddie at the State Department may or may not be trying to use as a bioweapon??

Yeah, I didn't either. But then my friend Pam pointed out that we seemed to have scaled the Danger Particles Ladder (DPL, for those in the know) this year as we continue our pursuit of deeper jewelry knowledge at the august Fashion Institute of Technology here in NYC.

Here we are last semester, Code Pink:

And this semester, Code Black:

My prediction for next semester:

The jewelry fabrication business is a dirty, particulate-laden jungle my friends. I know from the outside it's all silver dust and sparkles, but jewelry designers risk their lives every day so that millions of women may leave their homes looking and feeling good.

Let not our sacrifices be in vain. When you leave the house, Go Gorgeous!


delightful said...

Best post to date! Love the photos of the artists at work!

persuede said...

Thanks! More behind the scenes coming soon...

Tania said...

Who knew huh? love the photos of what goes on!