Organically Yours

Not everyone is into Valentine's Day. And not everyone is into flowers on Valentine's Day. BUT, if that is your thing, why not do the Earth and your loved one a solid by ordering flowers from Organic Style, thereby declaring yourself and saving the world all in one pretty, pink, flowered swoop?

(Yes, darling, that is a hint).

Organic Style is an eco-boutique that offers special gifts that uphold the wellbeing of humankind and the planet. We're not talking macramé either. Beautifully wrapped and delicious organic chocolates, bouquets free of toxic pesticides, eco-elegant clothing and so much more.

Did I mention the Rosa Parks bouquet of Freedom Roses? 10% of the proceeds of every bouquet sold benefits the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development.

Love is a many splendored thing.


jerseytjej said...

Vday is not so popular here in Sweden, but I INSIST that The Hubbs come through as if we were STILL in America...When in rome....

persuede said...

It's a nice tradition to continue! Who doesn't like flowers?

My thing with Valentines Day is that it's all cool as long as it's not the only way (or time) we express our appreciation for the ones we love.