True Love

I'm on the fence about Valentine's Day. On the one hand, it's wonderful that there is a day set aside to celebrate love. On the other, I believe love is about guiding our actions much more than it is about dinner out and a box of chocolates. Love is for celebrating and acting on everyday -- in how we treat each other, our neighbors, our family and our friends.

Although my last post was about flowers for Valentine's Day -- and who doesn't love flowers?? -- some of the best gifts I've received over the years have come from friends and family who understand the continuum of love and how it is honored by cultivation, appreciation and respect.

This year my beloved treated me and friend to a wonderful workshop called Visioning Your 2008. Lead by Jennifer Carrel, a warm and gently direct personal wellness coach, the workshop encouraged participants to acknowledge what we already know but all too often ignore. It was, for me, about making room inside my heart to hear the voice within.

Thank you, my love, for giving me a tool to re-tune my ear inward. I'm excited about my vision for the coming year, and feeling blessed that you're a part of it.


Tania said...

Awww...what a sweet picture of you two.

He's a sweet guy to even think of getting that seminar for you, have fun!

persuede said...

It was pretty fantastic! I LOVE my vision board. You ever create one?

One of the participants told me a great story about how she created a "vision board" last year for 2007, and discovered at the end of the year that the EXACT wish she had put on it had come true.