Coming Full Circle

One of the reasons I love making jewelry is that adornment is such a personal expression of the individual wearer. There isn't really an outward logic to it. While a certain outfit may look better with a certain kind of a jewelry, or certain looks are "in", why women choose the precise pieces they do, and how wearing those earrings or that necklace makes them feel good, is an entirely internal process.

My job as a designer is to create jewelry that speaks to that internal process; to create pieces that feel as if they were made for the woman who choses them. I know a piece is finished when I am in love with it and can imagine the woman who would wear it -- including me.

I thought you might be interested in my latest love affair.

I'm in love with this necklace. I've been working on it for the past four weeks. It's unlike anything I've made before. It is both armor and art, inspired by the fierceness of Joan of Arc and the drama of classic Baroque, with a modern twist.

Each of the 67 plexiglas discs featured in this necklace was cut and finished -- sanded, polished and set -- by hand on a complex web of handcrafted sterling silver chain mail.

I love the contrast between the commonness of the plexiglas -- polished as if it were a gem -- and the specialness of the silver, and how it warms to the body's temperature. I love the weight of it, like a breastplate, though it is not heavy, and I love the sound it makes when I move. It is a show piece, a statement, a work of wearable art.

I have no idea where I'm going to wear this, but wherever I'm going, I'm definitely Going Gorgeous.


Tania said...

Wow girl! that is just gorgeous! looks great against your skin.

persuede said...

Thanks darlin' -- I have to say, I am feeling it! It took forever...but I'm gonna make more, variations, etc...

Rosalie said...

WOW! I've become obsessed with finding the perfect button necklace ever since I saw someone wearing one somewhere. This one is fantastic!

persuede said...

Thanks Rosalie! I've never seen a button necklace before -- I initially wanted to make something baroque shaped and then my imagination took off from there. But now I'm curious...will see what comes up in Google.