C'est Si Bon!

Could the time have passed so quickly? We arrived on Friday, left on Monday and we're already plotting our return.

Montreal was a true gem, a city that felt both familiar and yet excitingly foreign at the same time. From the top of Mount Royal to the ports of the St. Lawrence, me and my honey walked the city until there wasn't much rubber left on our shoes. And then we grabbed a magic bus ticket and explored some more.

Perhaps that's part of what we found so enticing about Montreal -- that somehow we knew our way around even as we were examining the differences. For sure the chocolate croissants and the coffee were good. As was the cookie we got when we checked into our hotel. And the lovely fellow who told us how to find the best Italian restaurant in the city. And the bus ride we took through the real part of town. And the view from the top of Mt. Royal. And, and, and...

...yeah, I'm still dreaming.

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Tania said...

Chocolate croissants!! ack! I want one right now! my favorite!

Glad you two are enjoying your trip.