Secret History

Of the light in my room:
Its mood swings,
Dark-morning glooms,
Summer ecstasies.

Spider on the wall,
Lamp burning late,
Shoes left by the bed,
I'm your humble scribe.

Dust balls, simple souls
Conferring in the corner.
The pearl earring she lost,
Still to be found.

Silence of falling snow,
Night vanishing without trace,
Only to return.
I'm your humble scribe.

-- Charles Simic


Tania said...

Hiya! how things? sounds like you are busy making all that pretty jewlery.

persuede said...

Hi T!

I have been busy...have been trying to place my stuff in some local boutiques. Nothing concrete yet, but a lot of very positive interest.

Also in the midst of a home-renovation, setting up my studio, painting, building shelves...sigh. There's never enough time in the day and no matter how much I cross off my list, it still seems to grow.

Trying not be frustrated...not sure I'm succeeding.

Tania said...

Hang in there! sounds like you've got loads going on, never ends does it? I totally understand.

Good luck with the local boutiques, they'd be crazy not to sell your stuff!