Crystal Light

You know that delightful, crisp breeze that curls around your shoulder in late April when the sun is bright and hot, the trees are green and budding, and the cherry blossoms are carpeting the lawn in an outrageous display of pink abundance?

That's this necklace.

Actually, it's several necklaces in one. With six feet of jade, silver-lined glass and frosted Czech beads on a silk chord, finished with four iridescent pieces of Moss Labradorite, you can wear this piece at any length you want. It can be worn extra long, extra short, doubled up, tripled up, around your waist, knotted, tied, looped...the options are almost endless.

As will your memory of that perfect spring day, preserved in a necklace and worn with a smile.

Go Gorgeous.

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BXS said...

"These necklaces are making me thirsty" - George Costanza