Quiet Storm

Have a few unresolved problems in need of a solution? These very special earrings may be just what you're looking for.

Big, satisfyingly fat drops of Tourmalinated Quartz -- good for problem solving and settling nerves -- are suspended like sparkling rain clouds on equally dramatic, arched Sterling Silver ear wires for a statement like no other.

Originating in Brazil, these are some serious rocks -- ranging in luminous tones from silver to grey with flashes of black Tourmaline -- and yet they're light on the ear and easy on the mind. A truly unique gemstone in a very special setting, these earrings feel as good as they look.

Problem solved.

You'll find them at my online shop persuede.etsy.com. Go gorgeous.


BXS said...

Soft and warm
A quiet storm
Quiet as when flowers talk at the break of dawn


BXS said...

Trying to post that Smokey Robinson classic for your earholes but Blogger is hating on my HTML