Why Didn't I Think of This?

Over at All Angel, All the Time, the charming blog host wrote the following, which I shamelessly repost here, not only for the common irritation with taxes and Ohio, but especially for the last line.

"I'll skip the particulars of my day and jump straight to its perfect ending:

I get home to find a letter in my mailbox.

From The Ohio Department of Taxation.

I owe them $81.49.

That would be in unpaid taxes for 2006.

Oh, but wait.

I did pay my taxes in 2006.

In fact, I paid Ohio state taxes for every penny I earned in 2006.

Even though I only lived in this great state for five months in 2006.

I still paid taxes as if I'd lived in Ohio for twelve months.

Apparently that $252.00 I paid wasn't enough.

Apparently I owed $327.00.

Not that they could let me know that anytime in past year. (I just figured a year, since I'm paying interest on a year's worth of so-called "unpaid taxes.")

Oh my god.

Ohio is such a great state.

I love Ohio.

Everyday, there's another reason...

...to love it more.

By the way, purple is the new sarcasm."

Love. It.

So what color is your sarcasm? I think mine may be this.

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JerseyTjej said...

I got your what 's up from Tania but feel your pain! from SWeDEn! We pay 25% on food and higher on other things...Why is the world so cold? Hugs and lots of lurv from us!