Heroine Chic

I can't even front...I thought this post was so cute I swaggerjacked the whole kitandkaboodle from DailyCandy:

Superhero Trading Cards#54763

Name: Wonder Legs (also known as the Stiletto Siren or Heeled Avenger).

Alter Ego: Suzy Olsen, mild-mannered account executive.

Abilities: Hails speeding cabs, dances until dawn, and purges the streets of crime — all while wearing three-inch heels.

Known Associates: She-Ra, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Christian Louboutin.

Personal Kryptonite: Late summer downpours, April showers, puddles.

Secret Weapon: Shuella, an ingenious take on the rubber rain boot designed by a team of ex-CIA operatives. The pointed-toe galoshes slip over shoes with any size heel, shielding sexy footwear from the first drops of danger. (She owns each glossy shade — plus black — so as to match any spandex ensemble).

Love Interest: Rick Robertson, the young cobbler to whom she entrusts her soles and her soul.