More For the Birds

Not working a regular 9-2-5 this summer has me thinking a lot about personal freedom, letting dreams take flight, etc. etc. (you know, the usual cliches). Anywho, I just realized I've been working, completely unconsciously, with bird motifs for a minute.

This bad boy features a Pacific Northwest hand-carved Mother of Pearl eagle (sent to me by a friend in California), taking off from a singular pendant of Golden Angel Quartz.

Do you know about this stone? Technically, it's called Rutilated Clear Quartz but I like my name better. It's quartz containing golden-colored strands of rutile, a mineral composed of titanium oxide. The strands look like spun gold trapped within the quartz crystal and they glow dramatically in the light. It is believed that these golden strands act as energy conductors, making the quartz even more powerful as a cleansing tool, allowing spiritual energy to be conducted through your system, aligning all the chakra centers.

The 14k gold fill chain is enhanced with a flock of Citrines and freshwater Pearls. Pearls, in addition to simply being beautiful, are about purity. I choose to use the Citrines for their golden color, and because they stimulate creative thinking and inspiration, freeing the mind of limitations.

I imagine that's as close as one might get to taking flight without your feet ever leaving the ground. Go Gorgeous.


Tania said...

Soo pretty!

Shelley Whiting said...

The work is very beautiful and luminous. I especially love its small size. It makes it intimate and delicate. Beautiful work.