Think Pink

I know it's the wrong season, but I just found this video. I have a special thing with the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens and their Cherry Blossoms. I go every year for my birthday. One year, the blooms were so abundant the trees were giving flowers to the wind. It rained pink for two days and it seemed as if I'd wandered onto the set of a Bollywood movie. Who says you can't have springtime in September?


JerseyTjej said...

I cannot believe you are still around! Did you get the pic of the set!? DP is blowing up so big, he does not return mail or ack PP donations...I miss my brother from another mother and you , too! Are you chocolate snowflake??! LOL! Gina

Tania said...

That's gorgeous! we have cherry blossoms at our university and we go every year and take pictures with the kids.

Angel said...

How far is Brooklyn from Albany? I would love to see this park!

Thanks for posting:)

persuede said...

hey gina --

I know, right? yes, I'm still around...though sometimes more than others. you know how it goes. I didn't get the pics! Oh, please do send again...as for my secret identity, I'm not allowed to reveal. hee hee.


persuede said...

angel --

thank you so much for you note. i've been running around like crazy, getting ready for my trip to barbados. good luck with the move! albany is about five hours from the bk. though i wonder if they have cherry blossoms up that far north...any one?