Hi. My name is Susan. And I'm addicted to magazines.

The junkier the better. Us Weekly is right now at the top of my rotation. I justify it by not watching reality tv (with the exception of Project Runway, but that really doesn't count, does it? I mean, the show requires skill....right? right?) Clearly, I have quite the problem. Unfortunately, this new website I found won't help me conquer it. But it does make me happy!

Here's what I want to know: Why didn't someone thing of this before?? Maghound.com is like Netflix for magazines. For something ridiculous, like $4.95 a month, you can choose 3 magazines to receive from a gargantuan list. You can even pick backups in case you choose a magazine that comes quarterly and want to receive something else in between. You can switch up at any time the combo of mags, change your order, etc.

I just got my first issue of Real Simple in the mail today, after making my list of three last month. It's one of those magazines where I can't justify paying the cover price but ain't into it enough to pay the annual subscription either. Now I can indulge and don't have to pay the cover or the annual.

Sigh. I'm very happy magazine addict.


Tink said...

I too am a smut magazine addict.

But don't tell anyone OK? ;)

That site is awesome.

Tania said...

Ooh, why did you have to go and post that! you should see my kitchen table...uggh!

persuede said...

I continue to delude myself that if I keep the stacks in the hallway, it doesn't count. The worst part is that I dont' even remember why I'm saving them, only that I know there was a reason....

amy said...

Me, too! My secret guilty pleasure are trashy celebrity gossip magazines. Every time I read them, I go: "Amy, George Clooney will be soooo frown-y with you! You're just encouraging these people." But I just can't stop. And there's no 12 step program for me; I've looked.

I have a HUGE stack of books and magazines next to my bed right now. I can't take a picture of it, though. My bed stand with the thousands of empty glasses, dishes, paper towels, and vitamin bottles will get in the way.

There's no 12 step program for that either, by the way.


persuede said...

Amy, you've just simultaneously dashed my hopes for recovery and made my little trashy magazine heart leap with joy.