While the Mice Are Away

This is how my cat Zoey spends her time. It's amazing I get anything done:


jerseytjej said...

I did not recognize you! You look so different from the blog photo (in a good way!) I wish my cat loved me like that...not likely to happen, she was abused in a previous life and now prefers to be left alone! I finally figured out how Google Reader works, LOL!!!

amy said...

your cat zoey is cute and precious. and, clearly, a cat with impressively good balance.

if i took pictures of what my cat tasha does all day, and then i posted them on my blog, there would be 1 picture of her yawning, 1 pictures of her stretching, and 10 pictures of her sleeping. in the same position. for HOURS.

but she is very cute while sleeping. boring, but cute.


Tink said...

Aw, I love kitty-shaped scarfs. ;)

Sara said...

Your cat is so cute! I love these pictures! Cats have a way of sensing when work is about to be done and interfering as much as possible in the process, don't they?

Tania said...

Awww...she's so pretty!

persuede said...

Hey Jersey Girl, I'm one of those weird people that look different every time the shutter clicks. That only consistent thing -- or so I've been told -- is my smile. Go figure.

Zoey is a fantastic cat scarf! And when she's not sleeping on my shoulders, like right now, she's sleeping on the bed, the couch, under the bed, the chair...or trying to sit on the book I'm reading. It's total boredom, or in the middle of whatever I'm doing.

Cat people, you know what I speak of! LOL

Angel said...

I love these pictures:)

What a pretty kitty! What a pretty Persuede! (And you have gorgeous skin!)