So Excited....

This will be my first official holiday season with Persuede and I'm looking forward to all the craziness. Last year I just drifted through November/December without too much entrepreneurial focus. This year, though I'm always working, the past few weeks have been especially intense as I ramped up production in anticipation of holiday sales. Plus, I'm starting a new job -- it had to happen some time -- which is great but also a little sad. It will be more of a challenge to balance the growth of Persuede with my new responsibilities and I'll admit it: I liked being one of those people having tea or walking in the park on a weekday afternoon.

I know that next weekend is supposed to be THE weekend to get out the gate early and with a bang. Black Friday to Cyber Monday -- November 28 to December 1 -- is the biggest shopping weekend of the year, but I'm not so sure, given all that's going on with the economy. On the other hand, a lot of people are feeling more hopeful now that the election is over. And even just a little something sparkly can make a world of difference in your outlook...at least it does for me.

No question that preparing and waiting is nerve-wracking. Not so much for the sales, though lord knows every little bit helps, but more for the validation. There's really no other feeling like knowing someone likes something you made enough to buy it and wear it. When I first started making jewelry, and really didn't know what I was doing, if I sold a piece for $5 I was ecstatic. Even though I've graduated in my skills and materials, the thrill is still the same.

Prepping for the holiday season is a little like when I had my piano recitals as a kid. Backstage jitters. Sweaty palms. Fingers crossed. Okay, take a deep breath and go.

Or as I like to say, Go Gorgeous.

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Dallas said...

Have you made any inauguration themed pieces in red, white and blue?

Think about that because in a few months I predict Obama will be as bad as any president we have had that believes bombing Black and Brown people is how to maintain the U.S. lifestyle.