Dirrrty Chocolate

So last Sunday, at the Gifted market, I'm walking around checking out all the cool vendors -- there was a pickle stand and some beautiful leather jewelry, cool ceramics, interesting hand knits -- and I come across this guy sitting in front of a large wooden bowl full of crumbs of chocolate.

Naturally, I had to try.

I mean, come on, only crumbs left? Had to be good. So I scraped a few up with a spoon and innocently popped it in my mouth.

All hell broke loose on my tongue.

Have you ever eaten anything that made you feel really naughty? I don't mean, oh, I-shouldn't-eat-this-pint-of-New-York-Super-Fudge-Chunk-by-myself-
all-in-one-sitting-while-watching-Real-Housewives-on-Bravo naughty. I mean, like uncomfortable-being-among-other-people-because-you-feel-like-
doing-it-in-your-head-while-trying-to-look-normal-and-not-blush naughty.

Yeah, it was like that.

This chocolate, called Fine And Raw (and believe me, that aptly describes the experience), is made in a super healthy way with silky coco butter and himalayan sea salt and all kinds of other super healthy stuff that you can't believe is in there cause it TASTES SO GOOD.

It's dark and silky smooth, with a savory, almost earthy bite mellowed by the faintest hint of something that reminds you of coconut, but doesn't taste like coconut.

What it does taste like is unprintable, but definitely worth experiencing.

It's expensive for chocolate, but not expensive as a special, unusual gift -- even for yourself.

Especially for yourself.

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