The First Falling Leaf

This may seem obvious, but what I love most about making jewelry is the making jewelry part.

However, much to my surprise, at least half of my Persuede time is spent doing other things -- taking photos, posting photos, writing descriptions, sending emails, etc. It's not boring, but it's not always the most scintillating collection of tasks either. So sometimes I like to play and figure out a new way to make managing Persuede a little more interesting.

A few months ago, when we were still in the thick of autumn in New York, I made a series of necklaces called Falling Leaf. They're sweet and special in and of themselves, but then I had a brainstorm -- why not write a story to go with them? I'm not so confident of my story telling skills, but here is the first installment:

The First Falling Leaf

It's a road trip up north, on the winding highway, where the west wind blows the sunset across the windshield, one leaf at a time. Through the woods, a glimpse of the silver lake next to the cabin where they stay, together, wrapped in the scent of burning cedar logs and cider.

She won't want to take it off, the necklace with the colors of the hills in miniature faceted rounds of Carnelian. The single Indonesian Silver leaf that rests in the hollow of her neck. The curve of Sterling Silver at the clasp. She reminds him of autumn.

Go Gorgeous.

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