Sing A Christmas Song

Hi, my name is Susan. And I love Christmas music.

I'm probably the only person in all of New York City, if not the Tri-State area, nay, perhaps even the nation, who doesn't mind when commercial radio goes to an all-holiday-music-all-the-time format. Though I do object to jumping the gun and starting before Thanksgiving. I have some standards.

It started with Charles Brown's Merry Christmas Baby, a warm soulful groove that made me wish at the age of 16 that I knew a real man -- as opposed to high school boys, ugh -- who could whip out his guitar after decorating the tree and sing to me at midnight on Christmas Eve as we cuddled in front of the fireplace on an antique burgundy velvet couch.

Don't know why the antique burgundy velvet couch was important, but it was.

From there, it was a quick slide into various holiday soul stylings of James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Eartha Kitt, Etta James, Aretha Franklin....and then I discovered the truly estoeric stuff: jazz outakes, funky blues, lost pop. And I tumbled down the snow covered, jingle bell jangling rabbit hole that is Christmas music.

And the truth is, I'm no yuletide snob. I'm as likely to listen to Donny Hathaway's This Christmas as I am to Johnny Mathis singing Let It Snow, as I am to the ultra-sweet pop of The Carpenter's Christmas Waltz.

And then there's this:

It's not that I like NKTOB, or think they even know what funk is, much less a funky Christmas. But the sad fact is that because it is a Christmas song, I'm fascinated and somehow constitutionally incapable of not liking it from an anthropological point of view, if that makes any sense.

I could go on, but I think it's safe to say you understand the depth of my problem.

However, there is a bright, shining B-side to this discordant cloud of holiday sound. Namely, that I have discovered some really good music. Like this podcast from Daptone Records.

Get down with your bad Santa self, and have a happy holiday!

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JerseyTjej said...

Do you have BC and the Yule album? I am SO sorry we could not hook up, but literally all of my days, except one was spent at the nursing home with my mom. I did not get to Rockerfeller Center, but I did watch the tree get lit on TV. Thank you for your kind offer and much love and support to you and my brother from another mother over the holiday! G