Heroine Chic

I can't even front...I thought this post was so cute I swaggerjacked the whole kitandkaboodle from DailyCandy:

Superhero Trading Cards#54763

Name: Wonder Legs (also known as the Stiletto Siren or Heeled Avenger).

Alter Ego: Suzy Olsen, mild-mannered account executive.

Abilities: Hails speeding cabs, dances until dawn, and purges the streets of crime — all while wearing three-inch heels.

Known Associates: She-Ra, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Christian Louboutin.

Personal Kryptonite: Late summer downpours, April showers, puddles.

Secret Weapon: Shuella, an ingenious take on the rubber rain boot designed by a team of ex-CIA operatives. The pointed-toe galoshes slip over shoes with any size heel, shielding sexy footwear from the first drops of danger. (She owns each glossy shade — plus black — so as to match any spandex ensemble).

Love Interest: Rick Robertson, the young cobbler to whom she entrusts her soles and her soul.


A Waking Dream

So much has changed in just over 40 years -- less than a lifetime -- it is hard to believe. We owe Dr. King an enormous debt of gratitude and determination to continue the march forward. Not because he acted alone, or was singular in his vision -- there were a lot of people who sacrificed in many ways, though he did pay the ultimate price -- but because when the weight of history landed on his shoulders, he not only rose to the occasion and but strode forward and dared to challenge us to fight for the mountain top. My life would be completely different today had Dr. King not had the courage of his convictions, and had millions of Americans not followed his lead and recognized the justice of a dream and the possibilities of belief. So I give thanks, in recognition of all that I have received, all that I am able to do, all that I may work for, and all that I may hope and believe. Yes, we can.


More For the Birds

Not working a regular 9-2-5 this summer has me thinking a lot about personal freedom, letting dreams take flight, etc. etc. (you know, the usual cliches). Anywho, I just realized I've been working, completely unconsciously, with bird motifs for a minute.

This bad boy features a Pacific Northwest hand-carved Mother of Pearl eagle (sent to me by a friend in California), taking off from a singular pendant of Golden Angel Quartz.

Do you know about this stone? Technically, it's called Rutilated Clear Quartz but I like my name better. It's quartz containing golden-colored strands of rutile, a mineral composed of titanium oxide. The strands look like spun gold trapped within the quartz crystal and they glow dramatically in the light. It is believed that these golden strands act as energy conductors, making the quartz even more powerful as a cleansing tool, allowing spiritual energy to be conducted through your system, aligning all the chakra centers.

The 14k gold fill chain is enhanced with a flock of Citrines and freshwater Pearls. Pearls, in addition to simply being beautiful, are about purity. I choose to use the Citrines for their golden color, and because they stimulate creative thinking and inspiration, freeing the mind of limitations.

I imagine that's as close as one might get to taking flight without your feet ever leaving the ground. Go Gorgeous.



Patti Labelle. Wingate Park, Brooklyn, New York. Fierce earrings. She opens with a cover of the Queen classic, We Will Rock You, featuring some new pro-Obama lyrics. Followed by a 2-hour set of the best of the best, culminating in Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Chuuuuurch.

Patti is for the kids:

And a little classic Patti, just to get you through the day....


Good Omen?

Okay, for two days in a row, I've cracked an egg for breakfast and discovered a double-yolk. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not...


Simple Pleasures

Last night I went over to my friend Delissa's house for an informal summer dinner party. Delissa is known for her hospitality far and wide, most notably as the proprietress at my favorite local place to be, Bar Sepia. The best thing I ever heard someone say about Bar Sepia is that it feels like an extension of their living room. Which is just about right.

I wore my new favorite pair of quartz and amethyst earrings. They remind me of feathers, despite their obvious earthiness -- metal and stone -- so I paired them with a sweetly tiny sacred bird charm with open wings. I think it worked. In any case, it felt right.

Needless to say, the evening was one of those delightful affairs that meanders into the night, finally coming to rest among with well-worn wine & water glasses, communal platters of shared farmers market tomatoes, gossipy melons, languorous strands of pasta, and friends draped and folded into couch corners and seat cushions, too full to do anything except pet the dogs and laugh because it feels good.

I'm already starting to miss summer...


Finding Nemo in St. Maarten

Editor's Note: This post got lost in the morass of my post-vacation funk. Thank goodness for the "draft" button.

So, St. Maarten......

What can I say? It was a glorious seven days of sand, sea and sun. Thanks to the future in-laws, we had a timeshare with a balcony to hang our hat on. And did I mention the pool for late night, post-beach dips?

Me and my honey found our favorite beach early on and went every day. It was a local spot, where we were as likely to find the cashier from the grocery store and her family, as we were the tourists from the resort down the road. And once we got into the water, it was difficult to get out. Gentle waves, clear water all the way down to velvet sand and pina coladas all day long added up to an ideal vacation.

And then there was Nemo.

I wish we had a waterproof camera to take a picture of the little guy. At first I thought he was a little bee drowning in the ocean, but then I realized he was actually a tiny fish swimming around us. Since he was all of half-an-inch, no doubt we must have appeared like some strange land mass. He just kept swimming around and around and wouldn't leave. Finally, we had to literally shoo him into deeper water so he wouldn't wash up on shore.

The best thing about our trip though was the time together -- a reminder of how much we do enjoy each other's company. It felt like a luxury just to "be" around each other, instead of doing/accomplishing/finishing 12 different things at once while we happen to be in the same space.

Also, vacation sex is the best.

I'm just sayin'.