Land of the Lost

I just found this earring in the back of my top dresser drawer.

Not lost, just waiting for its mate to appear. Which she will, some day. I know she will.

Are you there, jewelry gods? It's me, Susan.

I love(d) these earrings. I must have worn them for a month straight. I like(d) how they swi(u)ng from my ears. The flash of blue from the labradorite, the pearly grace notes. And then one day.....poof! No more fancy, just a sad little fan, all alone, under my dresser.

I refused to believe that I wouldn't find the other. So I tucked her in for a long hibernation in my top dresser drawer, hoping that absence would make magic and I'd be able to wear both again. Some day.

Obviously, that hasn't happened yet. It's been a year. I forgot she was back there (oh, fickle memory!)

But I believe.

I. Believe.


Tania said...

Those are preety!

Jay said...

Lovely earrings, very pretty!
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