Your Thoughts, Please

So I've noticed that a number of sellers on Etsy use their avatar as a way to further advertise their wares. I personally like seeing who people are, but maybe that's not so important anymore in our brave new digital age.

I made this one the other day. What do you think? Are there other images in my shop that would make for a better icon?


jerseytjej said...

Egyptian Renaissance is my favorite...I would throw that baby waaaaay out there and great idea to use what ever is at your disposal to promote yourself!

Tania said...

Very classy! but like you I like the personal pics.

billy x sunday said...

I like the idea of change. Changing the image alerts folks to the fact that the shop isn't vacant but being attended.

Switch your pitch up...

just don't be like Chris Brown and smack your bitch up.

persuede said...

uh, thanks, I think, BxS.

Hmmm, I hadn't thought of Egyptian Renaissance...am going to play with that image and see what I come up with.