A Cool Sale

A lovely woman I met through work saw the Cool Water earrings and necklace on my etsy page and seemed to fall in love. You know that feeling, when you see something and just know it was made for you? Well, I think she had that feeling. Anywho, I brought the pieces in for to look at in person and when she put them on...wow. They had been made for her. Quiet, elegant, thoughtful, with purpose. Words that describe both the jewelry and her personality.

Every time someone buys my jewelry, I always feel so lucky that they see what I felt when I made the piece. I consider it to be the highest compliment when someone chooses to wear what I make. I hope she wears these pieces often. I know she'll wear them well.

Go Gorgeous.


jerseytjej said...

As soon as I saw the water, I had to jump in!

persuede said...

And I'm so glad you did!

Anonymous said...

Susan call me please I lost your address. I recevied the pill boxes.

djr in Philly

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