Optimizing My Online Shop

What it looks like when I'm working at my jeweler's bench late at night.

For me, the fun part of jewelry is the actual design and craft. I love sitting at my work table when it's covered in different stones, feeling their energy in my hands as I make decisions about what metal to use, how to best present them, whether the colors work together....and so on and so on. I can easily lose a day "playing" with my raw materials. And even though my wrists are achy and my back is tired, it doesn't feel like work at all.

A somewhat artful jumble of Freshwater Pearls, silver chain, Obsidian and other cool stuff.

A not-so-artful jumble. Believe it or not, I know where and what everything is.

Another late night "moody jeweler's bench" shot. I love these pillow-cut Citrines.

The not-so-fun part is the more "tasky" stuff like updating my Etsy shop, making sure it's optimized for search engines (aka managing my "SEO" -- Search Engine Optimization thank you very much -- I just learned that term yesterday), and taking good pictures of my completed pieces.

You wouldn't think taking a decent picture of pretty stuff would be so difficult (or maybe you would, given my less than perfect pictures above)...but it is! Sometimes it takes 20 shots before I get one that works. I tried switching things up from my usual white background when I was at the Artisan Market on Saturday, but I'm not convinced the pictures work. There's too much going on in the background, they're overexposed and, worst of all, the earrings are not hanging evenly:

What do you think? Time for a reshoot?



jerseytjej said...

Love the photos...I also love creating at night...after the crumb snatchers are in bed...

persuede said...

thanks for the feedback jerseygirl...but how do you get up in the morning? that's the thing I can never quite master.