Cat Tales

This is Zoey.

You've met her before, though she prefers this picture, for obvious reasons. She and I used to live with Edison. Edison passed away two years ago and we've been solo every since.

This is Charlotte.

She lived in a house with a lot of cats and was looking for a new home. I thought that perhaps Zoey might like the company, especially when I'm away at work all day.

We shall see.


ambika said...

Such beautiful photos of your pets! We're contemplating getting a 3rd cat, if you can believe it.

californiablue said...

Very sweet kitties! I also have 2 (they each have their own catster page) and they don't particularly like each other, but I still think they give each other company. Good luck!

Sharon said...

Zooey is a beauty! I hope the new cat works out. It would be nice for Zooey to have a playmate.

Sometimes, though, the original cat wants to be the only cat. You'll know soon enough.

Good luck! And thanks, for the encouraging words on my blog for my one-year blogiversary!