Summer Kiss

The big guy and I finally picked a time to get hitched next summer. We're still deciding between two dates, but it's real enough that I'm already making lists. Mostly we've been talking about the feeling we want to evoke and to surround our ceremony.

Since it will be July, and probably hot, we're thinking an evening shendig.

Our goal is a little bit of magic mixed in with a generous helping of smiles and laughter, dancing, and lots of love. No dress yet, but I've got a line on the earrings.

Go gorgeous.Link


Anonymous said...

This is one of the best weblogs I have seen with photographs. Do you take all these images by yourself?

persuede said...

thanks! all the images of the jewelry are mine. the others are a mix...some are mine, some are from flickr. i always attribute the pictures that aren't mine, usually with a link so you can express your appreciation directly, if you are so moved...