Starry Night

This past weekend I was at the Brooklyn Flea in the Williamsburg Bank Building (One Hanson) in Fort Greene. I've been twice now, and each time I'm there, I find something else to gawk at. I'll be back on Saturday, March 13th with more new jewelry designs.

Here's a tip: When you first step into the building, look up. The entrance lobby is graced with a gorgeous, inlaid starry night vaulted ceiling.

Indigo, gold, silver, and probably a hundred other blues for which the English language has no name sparkle, just a few feet above your head.

I'm reminded of a pair of silver and lapis earrings I listed on Etsy recently. They don't sparkle, but they have a presence all their own. Lapis Lazuli is a stone with many shades of blue -- from denim to peacock to indigo to midnight -- all flecked with gold. The sterling silver beads are like scattered starlight.

I like how one of my favorite blogs Brooklynometry describes looking down on the city from a plane at night. It's a different kind of starry night.
Someone viewing the earth from the air at night might try to read significance in the embroidery of the embers of silver and gold beads that wheel into view as you pass thousands of feet over the land. Some lines look like mysterious glyphs, a development looks like a jumping hare, small towns emerging from the darkness resemble illuminations of intercellular structures.
What do you see?