A Handmade Passover

One of the most attractive aspects of a handcrafted existence is how personal mundane tasks can become when you realize, and appreciate, that a pair of hands just like yours are responsible for the book, dish, lamp, earrings, pillow, or shirt, you're currently holding.

Especially around times of holiday and communion, incorporating handmade craft and art into ceremony and celebration adds another layer of depth to an already rich experience. I like that every ornament on my Christmas tree has a story. Or that the salad bowl I used for Easter dinner was carried by a dear friend in a backpack across Tanzania after a robust negotiation with its maker. Or that the place mats I broke out for my sister's birthday last year were made by a neighbor who has since moved to North Carolina to spin yarn. No kidding.

So for all those who celebrate, Happy Passover. May your festival of freedom be bountifully crafted and may under your table be crowded with many feet.

Handcrafted Passover gifts from Etsy


Simone said...

These are beautiful. Thank you for sharing

Roger said...

What a brilliant post, thank you for sharing these with us.
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