Gearing Up

New York is becoming a great biking city. Miles of new bike lanes have been added to the streets, while the waterfronts and parks are also very accessible. Plus, it offers another opportunity to shop for cool bike-related gear. After all, you're a New Yorker now. Pedaling in style is mandatory.

I love stripes. Nutcase has a plethora of other styles, but this is my fave.

OMG. Don't tell me the hard core cyclist wouldn't LOVE this card case from CityBitz.

For the breakfast of champions, or those in existential crisis, from MayLuk.

Jes Switaj encourages you to take your bike to work.

This cap from RockandSalt helps you look smart with or without your wheels.

Gear up for spring with a host of other handmade bicycle-themed items on etsy.

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lever559 said...

I'd love a bike tie, is there anywhere I can find that kind of bike wall art online?