Life Under Glass

Dear Reader I have a confession to make. I'm obsessed with terrariums. Thus far, I've done a fairly good job of keeping my obsession under wraps -- it mostly consists of my drooling over pretty pictures online -- but I can't contain my love of all things under glass anymore. I have to share.

What could be better? When surrounded by glass, plants almost go on autopilot. They get the humidity they crave in even the driest of rooms. They're practically foolproof -- any plant will shine. And they're relatively easy to set up; you can scoop up already-sprouted spring bulbs and plant them in a glass container for a touch spring.

Thanks to CountryHome for the link.


Simone said...

Write a tutorial, pleeeeze. I'd love to know how to make one of those

persuede said...

you got it...they are enchanting, aren't they?