Fiber Inspiration

Some Monday morning pretty.

I have a sketch book full of quilt ideas just waiting for me to learn how to actually make them. Kimem already knows how. The Skyscape Quilt in Blue and Rust is inspired by the Kansas sky right after a thunderstorm when there are tiny breaks in the clouds and pale blues peek through. She dyes her own fabric using a scientific method that takes the weight of the fabric and dye into account to generate beautiful and subtle hues with minimal dye waste.

Paint Chip Quilt

Iowa Landscape Quilt


I was inspired to look for other unusual art quilts on Etsy and found these:

I like the graphic nature of this Black and White ZigZag Quilt by Terry Aske. The play of patterns and tones of gray remind me of an Escher print.

This quilt by CatherinesArt is also like an Escher print, but in color. Reminds me a little of TV test patterns.

Here's another take on a landscape from ForComfort. It's called Night Reflections. She has a way with blues. The next one is also gorgeous, made from silk sari riboons.

Illuminated Night Sky

Stay warm, artfully.

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Roger said...

This is some clever artwork, really love the second from bottom one, amazing stuff.
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