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From Etsy Admin:
Last minute holiday shoppers take note, your new best friend here - Etsy local search! Local search makes it super easy to find a gift that'll arrive at your (or your loved one's) doorstep super quick.

Start by searching for something you (ahem, your mother) would love, and then click the "Local items" filter in the search sidebar. Etsy will narrow your search results to items near you.

How does it work? Local search guesstimates your location based on your computer's IP address, so all you should need to do is click the "Local items" link. If it doesn't get your location just right, you can always type in your city or country. We don't store you location in any way, and we only narrow your location down to a square mile or more.

Local search is also a great way to browse search results from cities around the globe. Or right next door.

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Roger said...

Great post and you can always find great things closer to home than you thought.
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