Not Your Grandma's Macarons

You may think you know macaroons, but until you've had a macaron...

Basically, a macaron is the French version of that sticky, heavy meringue-coconut cookie found on your Nana's coffee table. Like a macaroon, it's made from a mixture of egg whites, almond flour, and sugar. But that's where the similarity ends.

The "cookie" part is a smooth, elegantly crisp dome with a ruffled edge that yields to a moist and airy interior. The best part is the butter cream filling, creating the most fabulously light, colorful sandwich cookie ever in flavors that range from the traditional (raspberry, chocolate) to the exotic (foie gras, truffle).

In New York, you'll find fine examples of this delicacy at The Macaron Cafe. Chances are good you'll find me there too.

And if you can't make it to The Macaron Cafe, check out this scrumptious book. The pictures alone are so yummy!

Thanks to Craftzine for the link!



Trees and Dreams of Green

Trees and Dreams by Traveling Chariot

Sometimes, in the middle of a difficult day, I like to imagine that I'm standing in the middle of a deep leafy green primeval forest where the air smells like moss and cold mountain water. It's quiet, the only sounds are the faint chirp of birds in the distant tree tops and the soft crunch of mulch under my feet. I can breathe freely, without the city getting in the way.

Now imagine that feeling on your wrist.

Serpentine is a stone known for its calming and soothing properties, particularly when in a state of emotional stress. It's often used in meditation to open the self to a greater awareness of your place in the world and your path within it.

Which is why I linked each stone with a double set of open Sterling Silver rings. The shapes echo each other, creating a natural rhythm that culminates in a Sterling Silver toggle clasp the same size and shape as the Serpentine.

Go Gorgeous.


Starry Night

This past weekend I was at the Brooklyn Flea in the Williamsburg Bank Building (One Hanson) in Fort Greene. I've been twice now, and each time I'm there, I find something else to gawk at. I'll be back on Saturday, March 13th with more new jewelry designs.

Here's a tip: When you first step into the building, look up. The entrance lobby is graced with a gorgeous, inlaid starry night vaulted ceiling.

Indigo, gold, silver, and probably a hundred other blues for which the English language has no name sparkle, just a few feet above your head.

I'm reminded of a pair of silver and lapis earrings I listed on Etsy recently. They don't sparkle, but they have a presence all their own. Lapis Lazuli is a stone with many shades of blue -- from denim to peacock to indigo to midnight -- all flecked with gold. The sterling silver beads are like scattered starlight.

I like how one of my favorite blogs Brooklynometry describes looking down on the city from a plane at night. It's a different kind of starry night.
Someone viewing the earth from the air at night might try to read significance in the embroidery of the embers of silver and gold beads that wheel into view as you pass thousands of feet over the land. Some lines look like mysterious glyphs, a development looks like a jumping hare, small towns emerging from the darkness resemble illuminations of intercellular structures.
What do you see?


Persuede Jewelry @ Brooklyn Flea 2/20

New look, new designs, new ways to Go Gorgeous!

I’ll be at the Brooklyn Flea this Saturday, February 20th with my cohort in crafting Melody's Addiction. The location is indoors (yay!) and fabulous at One Hanson Pl., (at the corner of Flatbush Ave) in the landmark Williamsburg Savings Bank building.

The market is three floors and the space is stunning. With its amazing mosaic ceilings and stained glass windows, 100+ vendors, and all your favorite food booths in the lower level vault, you’ll be mesmerized. The market is open 10am to 5pm, through the end of March until it moves outdoors again.

See you on Saturday!


Topography of Dreams

For Valentine's Day, me and my honey went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I used to love going as a kid, but as an adult, it's one of those places I always mean to go to but never get there.

We were both enraptured by a small exhibition of Contemporary Aboriginal Painting from Australia. The work is like nothing I've ever seen before. The paintings seemed to move, as if they were living. My love said that he felt they weren't still, that they were in flow. I haven't been able to stop thinking about them.



Brooklyn Indie Market's Valentine Fling

Brooklyn Indie Market hooks up with The {NewNew} for a Valentine's Fling!

Saturday February 13 from 11-6
@ Starting Artists, 211 Smith Street. Take the F to the Carroll Street Station.
(G train not running). Admission FREE. [mta alerts for saturday feb 13]

Valentine’s Day can strike dread in the heart of the hardiest New Yorker: If you’re coupled, there’s the delicate dance of aligning your own celebratory expectations with those of your beloved; if you’re unhappily single, all the emphasis on romance can be special kind of torture. In response to this, Brooklyn Indie Market and The {NewNew} are joining forces to present “A Valentine Fling: A day of fun flirting, and handmade shopping on Smith Street.”

Curated Vendors include:

Better Than Jam
Fine And Raw
Live Poultry

Off The Mat
Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design

Rocks And Salt

Virginia Kraljevic

Wabisabi Brooklyn

Wonder Threads

Go Gorgeous!


Valentine's Gift Ideas for Infants/Toddlers That Don't Involve Sugar

You can't really give babies a box of chocolate. Maybe you could get away with a bouquet of flowers, but why resort to something so mundane when there's so much that's just perfect for the cutest baby in the world?

My fellow artisans in the {NewNew} Etsy collective have pulled together this sampling of delightful offerings for Valentine's Day, which unlike the afore-mentioned chocolates, also have the added bonus of being worn throughout the year.

Though come to think of it, chocolate gets "worn" throughout the year too. On my hips, usually. Sigh. Oh to be young and unconcerned about such things...

{NewNew} team members have created a wide variety of gifts that are appropriate for boys or girls, baby or toddler that are adorable, lovable, and will be cherished by child and parent. The above items from Smallest Friend, Lenny Mud, Burry Babies, Copa Bananas, Felt It, Panda with Cookie, Curious Urchin, Windows of Agate, Danni Bee, NY Crochet, and Overall Baby are just some examples of the fabulous items to be found from the {NewNew} team.



New Handmade Co-Op Is Better Than Jam

My fellow {NewNew} Etsy team member, Better Than Jam aka Karin Persan, has launched her dream shop in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The Better Than Jam Handmade Co-Op is now open for business and inviting all those who love independent handmade design to celebrate their grand opening this Friday, February 5th 7-10pm. Come mingle with the designers and receive complimentary drinks, 10% selected designers, and free tote bag with purchase, compliments of The {NewNew} Etsy street team.

The Co-Op brings Bushwick the talent of 15+ NYC designers, who create a variety of clothing, jewelry, and accessories. All items at the Co-Op are 100% handmade and completely original. Better Than Jam will also host shopping and launch events, parties and workshops open to it’s designers and the local public, to grow the already hugely artistic and creative community. The schedule is in the works, so when you're there, be sure to ask about the mailing list.

WHERE: 1095 Flushing Ave , Brooklyn NY 11237
WHEN: Grand opening reception: Friday February 5th, 7-10pm

Where to Find Persuede Jewelry This Weekend

Saturday, February 6th, yours truly will back at the Brooklyn Flea! Join persuede jewelry and Melody’s Addiction in the spectacular new indoor location at One Hanson Pl., (at the corner of Flatbush Ave) in the landmark building formerly known as the Williamsburg Savings Bank.

The market is three floors and the space is gorgeous. It has amazing ceilings and windows, 100+ vendors, and all your favorite food booths in the lower level vault. The market is open 10am to 5pm, through the end of March until it moves outdoors again.

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