What Was Told, That

What was said to the rose that made it open was said
to me here in my chest.

What was told the cypress that made it strong
and straight, what was

whispered the jasmine so it is what it is, whatever made
sugarcane sweet, whatever

was said to the inhabitants of the town of Chigil in
Turkestan that makes them

so handsome, whatever lets the pomegranate flower blush
like a human face, that is

being said to me now. I blush. Whatever put eloquence in
language, that's happening here.

The great warehouse doors open; I fill with gratitude,
chewing a piece of sugarcane,

in love with the one to whom every that belongs!

~ Jalalu'l-din Rumi
Translated by Coleman Barks


Elegant Ellington

My parents always told me that I was born on a high note. Happy Birthday Duke!


Gearing Up

New York is becoming a great biking city. Miles of new bike lanes have been added to the streets, while the waterfronts and parks are also very accessible. Plus, it offers another opportunity to shop for cool bike-related gear. After all, you're a New Yorker now. Pedaling in style is mandatory.

I love stripes. Nutcase has a plethora of other styles, but this is my fave.

OMG. Don't tell me the hard core cyclist wouldn't LOVE this card case from CityBitz.

For the breakfast of champions, or those in existential crisis, from MayLuk.

Jes Switaj encourages you to take your bike to work.

This cap from RockandSalt helps you look smart with or without your wheels.

Gear up for spring with a host of other handmade bicycle-themed items on etsy.


A {NewNew} Crafty Questionnaire

I've started a new, weekly feature over at HandmadeNY.com, the {NewNew} Etsy craft team blog, that's all about what makes some of my favorite artisans tick. This week I talked to Lauren, the sewing maven behind LolaFalkDesigns. She designs tote bags, is a stickler for manners and consideration, and has a thing for kitchen gadgets. Read more>


persuede @ Brooklyn Flea on Saturday, April 24

I'll be in my usual spot, across from the yummy pizza guy, trying and completely failing not to eat everything in site. Sigh.

The Fort Greene Flea
176 Lafayette Ave
10 a.m. - 5 p.m.


A True Shopportunity

On Friday, April 23rd, the Junior League of New York will host their 11th Annual Spring Auction at Capitale, renowned for its lavish atmosphere and distinctive style. This special evening includes a live and silent auction, delicious appetizers, cocktails and dancing.

I've donated the one-of-a-kind 18k gold and citrine earrings pictured above to the annual NYJL Spring Auction, which generates vital funding for their Playground Improvement Project. The success of this special project is dependent on the generous donations from businesses, and the proceeds from annual fundraisers. This year’s playground restoration is Harlem’s historic St. Nicholas Park.

Why not put on your dancing shoes, indulge in a little recreational shopping and support a worthwhile cause all at the same time? I believe that's called a "win-win."

Don't forget to go gorgeous!


How-To Make Custom Fabric Tranfers and Embroidery Patterns

This fantastic how-to from The {NewNew} could also be used to create patterns for all kinds of fabric decoration and embellishment , from painting to bedazzling (you know who you are!)

The step-by-step instruction of tracing, transferring, and creating your custom pattern are super easy to follow, thanks to the clear guidance of Simone from groundsel.etsy.com. You can use these steps to create your own embroidery transfers from photographs, drawings, or kid art, and to refresh vintage iron-on transfers where the ink has dried up.

You can even create your own designs from antique and vintage magazines! Read how on
Tutorial Tuesday: Make an Iron On Embroidery Transfer at thenewenew.blogspot.com.


Life Under Glass

Dear Reader I have a confession to make. I'm obsessed with terrariums. Thus far, I've done a fairly good job of keeping my obsession under wraps -- it mostly consists of my drooling over pretty pictures online -- but I can't contain my love of all things under glass anymore. I have to share.

What could be better? When surrounded by glass, plants almost go on autopilot. They get the humidity they crave in even the driest of rooms. They're practically foolproof -- any plant will shine. And they're relatively easy to set up; you can scoop up already-sprouted spring bulbs and plant them in a glass container for a touch spring.

Thanks to CountryHome for the link.


Pencils As Art

I love, LOVE, discovering an artist or craftsperson who looks at something common place in a completely new way.

Case in point (pun intended):

Maria Cristina Bellucci designs and fashions stunning jewelry from colored pencils. Such a simple concept -- treating a block on colored pencils as a single unit -- with such a striking result. Thanks to giddygiddy for the link.


St. Martin Charm Bracelet

I made this bracelet for my future mother-in-law, who has graciously hosted me and my beloved in St. Martin nearly every summer.

A piece of beach glass, smoothed by the ocean; sterling silver charms and chain; a large piece of green calcite, the main ingredient in the shells of sea creatures which has crystallized over time; and three faceted apatite gemstones, just because the color reminds me of the sea.


Stamps to the Rescue

Each year the US Postal Service produces a set of commemorative stamps to bring awareness to a different social issue. This year shelter animals are getting the spotlight! This special set of stamps features photos by photographer Sally Andersen-Bruce of animals that were all adopted from a shelter in New Milford, CT. The stamps are part of a campaign called Stamps to the Rescue, with Ellen DeGeneres as the spokeswoman, that seeks to raise awareness about adopting pets from shelters.

The stamps will be issued in a special ceremony on April 30, but you can pre-order a set now at StampsToTheRescue.com, plus you can read about each of the animals featured on the stamps.

Thanks to Modern Cat for the link. (Yes, I subscribe. And?)


persuede jewelry at the Brookly Flea on Saturday

The Brooklyn Flea is back under a great blue sky. Join persuede and melody's addiction for the opening day of the spring/summer 2010 flea on Saturday, April 10th from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

And don't forget, one day only!, crafty folk who bring their own upcycled reusable bag get $10 off their total purchase from persuede.

The Forte Greene Flea
176 Lafayette Ave

A/C to Lafayette Ave.
G to Clinton/Washington Ave.
2/3, 4/5, B/D/Q, M/N/R to Atlantic Ave.-Pacific St

B69/B38/B52 to Vanderbilt/Lafayette/Greene Ave.

From 278 West/BQE, take Exit 31 (Kent/Wythe Avenue)


April is National Poetry Month

I subscribe to the Poem-A-Day from The Academy of American Poets. It's such a treat to open my inbox and find a line like this:

"the noise
of Sunday traffic in the Village is soft as a moth
working in storage"

- Derek Walcott, In the Village

It is a sad poem; a rumination on aging and what mortality looks like when one is thisclose. But this line in particular speaks to me. I like the idea that someone has thought about the sound of a moth, busy in someone's sweater. And how faraway that makes the traffic seem.

NYC T-Shirt Bag

A great tutorial from my friends at The {NewNew} on how to turn a t-shirt into a reusable shopping bag.

Bring you're very own upcycled t-shirt bag to the outdoor Brooklyn Flea on Saturday, April 10th, and you'll receive $10 off your purchase from persuede. Who says recycling can't be glamorous?


A Calvacade of Craft is Coming This Spring...

Shop sustainably this Earth Day with The {New New} at the Spring Handmade Cavalcade.

This spring, make eco-conscious shopping and gift-giving a part of your Earth Day tradition. Join the independent artists and makers of the {New New} at the second annual Spring Handmade Cavalcade, where local designers and makers will feature the best of their handmade collections.

Why Earth Day? Because {NewNew} member artists care about New York and its sustainability. To reduce waste, {NewNew} member artists use little packaging, recycle and upcycle materials, and create and sell locally. At the Spring Handmade Cavalcade, you will find a variety of these sustainable goods including housewares made from post-consumer waste, jewelry made with recycled metals, and much, much more.

The Spring Handmade Cavalcade will take place on April 24th, from 10am - 5pm at Berry Park, 4 Berry Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Be among the first 100 people to arrive and receive a free, limited-edition goody bag full of wonderful eco-inspired giveaways.

Visit The {NewNew} blog for eco-tips on how to recycle, upcycle and reuse items to create new treasures and live more sustainably.


Inspiration Blossoms

What a gorgeous weekend we had in New York.

Sunday, I sat out in front of the Brooklyn Museum and watched the blossoming trees. I had an odd moment, when I realized the scene reminded me of wrapping paper I just used for a friend's birthday gift.

Spring is here...

Go Gorgeous.


Tutorial to Grow For

Over at The {NewNew} is a tutorial from Alexandra Ferguson (she of the fabulous applique pillows) about how to to create your own low-maintenance indoor greenhouse. And to celebrate all that is good, green, and spring, she's also is giving away one of her botanical-themed pillows (pictured above). Don't have a garden with windows full of seedlings? The 16" "Tulip" pillow in cocoa that she is giving away should more than make up for it! The best part? This flower blooms all year long.

Visit The {NewNew} blog for the tutorial and info on how to win this gorgeous pillow.



Now you too can take home first prize!

A first prize pie, that is.

Fresh from the oven of Allison Kave (the Brooklyn Pie Bake-Off’s runaway winner), flaky-yet-dense buttery crusts cradle goodness like bourbon ginger pecan, s’more (graham cracker crust, milk chocolate ganache, bruleed marshmallow fluff), and apple cider cream.

Kave’s Mom, Rhonda, makes Roni-Sue’s Chocolates and her brother, Corwin, is executive chef at Fatty Crab — but innovations like an apple cheddar pie with shredded cheese in the crust and chocolate peanut butter pretzel pie are distinctly her own.

The fledgling business also takes custom orders and, to make things easy, delivers in NYC.

And that's no joke.

Thanks to Daily Candy for the info and link.