An Evening with the Internets Celebrities: Stadium Status!

Join the one and only InternetsCelebrities* for the premiere of their latest project, Stadium Status, on Tuesday, June 1, 2010 at 7 p.m. at the Central branch of the Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army Plaza. Be there or be square!

*Did I mention my Big Guy, Dallas Penn, is one-third of the ICs? Also, there's an after party at Bar Sepia.


Handmade on Governors Island

Set sail for adventure this summer with a unique day trip to historic Governors Island, where a crew of {NewNew} artists and craftspeople will be commandeering one of the locale's original dwellings and transforming it into a one-of-a-kind boutique of handmade treasures. Landlubbers can shop for original artwork, jewelry, glass, ceramics, textiles and other handmade items from June 5th through September 6th. Visitors will be treated to an exceptional shopping experience in an unusual setting.

Many of the {NewNew} artists drew their inspiration from the island's rich history. For almost two centuries, Governors Island was a military base-home to the US Army and Coast Guard. Due to changing needs in operations, the Coast Guard closed and "mothballed" the island in 1996. New York's leaders recognized the Island's potential, and in 2003 the federal government sold most of the Island to the people of New York for one dollar. Today the Governors island Preservation and Education Corporation oversees 150 acres of the Island, while the National Park Service manages the balance; the 22 acre Governors Island National Monument which includes two 1812 era forts.

The Island is only 800 yards from Lower Manhattan, and even closer to Brooklyn. It is a world unto itself, unique and full of promise: with great new public space for picnics and relaxing and a mix of educational, not for profit, and commercial facilities. A fabulous place for natives and out-of-towners to come explore!

There are two ferries that will take you to Governors island

Free ferries run ever Friday- Sunday. Visit Govisland.com for a full schedule.
Subways to Ferry: 4/5 to Bowling Green & R to Whitehall Street.

Free ferries run every Saturday and Sunday
Visit Govisland.com for a full schedule

June 5- September 5
Fridays 10:30-4
Saturdays-Sundays 10:30-6

Visit The {NewNew} house 6B in Nolan Park.


A Crafty Questionnaire: Alicia Goodwin

Alicia Goodwin opened her etsy shop, LinguaNigra, in 2003. The name means "black tongue" in Latin. It's a little known medical condition Alicia read about in a book of rare medical mysteries. An unusual name for a jewelry line, but one that makes sense to a designer who has an appreciation for the beauty to be found in esoteric oddities. It seems to fit the striking pieces with unusual organic origins that are her trademark.

Read the complete profile at the HandmadeNY blog>>


Craft Paper How To: Upcycled Placemats

Craftzine is featuring this great how-to for making placemats from paper grocery bags. I imagine you could use almost any assortment of paper scraps to make some striking mats, or coasters. Finally, I can put all those bits of wrapping paper to use!
My local Trader Joe's and New Seasons markets always have paper bags with wonderful graphics on them. I usually hoard a few in hopes of finding a perfect project for them, and now I have! Here, I've stitched the best parts together, patchwork-style, and fused them to a felt backing to make a set of very modern-looking place mats. A layer of iron-on vinyl makes them spill-proof. more>>


A Crafty Questionnaire: Marilyn Ng-A-Qui

This week's artist on the HandmadeNY blog:

Marilyn Ng-A-Qui is a crafter at heart. Forthright and outspoken, she derives great personal satisfaction from sewing -- it has remained a constant thread from her childhood to her adult life. Growing up in Guyana, to have clothes she liked, Marilyn had to either have a dressmaker or make her own. So as a little girl she learned from both her grandmother and her mother how to sew and how to cut and manipulate fabric without patterns. In fact her shop, Vyphuis Designs, is named for her maternal grandmother, Ellen Vyphuis, the quintessential DIYer. read more>


Organization Heaven

Frankly, if such a place exists, it most probably resembles The Container Store. Though to make it heaven, there's no bill for your cart piled high with bottles and baskets and shelves and labels and, well, everything.

Found this link on craftzine.com for how to organize your spices. The advice is free. Now get thee some containers...


Glue: A Cautionary Tale

So funny I had to share:
"I don't know how it happened. I imagined I could just dabble in paste--thought I would eat it just the One Time. Next thing I knew, I was hooked. I started hanging with the wrong crowd; the kind of kids who offered to share their bottles of Elmers." Read the whole sordid tale>>

The traditional birthstone of May, emerald is a rare green stone that has the ability to add a sense of drama and mystery. It is also a traditional gift for couples celebrating their 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries. Emeralds are often thought to enhance clairvoyance to help predict future events and are associated with improving memory and intelligence.

Personally, I just love the color.


Wedding Bells

A creamy starburst of Freshwater Pearls, each pearl individually wire wrapped by hand, is the luminous exclamation to a graceful swoop of 14k Gold Vermeil.

These earrings were made to be worn at the moment you clasp your partner's hand for a lifetime.

You'll look gorgeous no matter what you're wearing, 'cause your in love.

But having these elegantly playful earrings on won't hurt either.

Be happy. Live long. Go Gorgeous.


A Crafty Questionnaire: Anne Arden McDonald

From the HandmadeNY blog:
Anne Arden McDonald is a photographer and sculptor who views jewelry, especially rings, as singular pieces of wearable art. In 2005 she created an installation in Milan of 300 orange and grapefruit seeds cast in bronze and polished into an olive pollen-covered floor. To commemorate the piece, she stitched 14 apple seeds together and cast them into a gold ring for herself. With that realization that she could cast anything, her exploration of natural elements and organic shapes and cycles expanded into a full fledged jewelry collection. Read more >>


The Art and Obsession of Making

"If a poet is anybody, he is somebody to whom things ‘made’ matter very little — somebody who is obsessed with the Making. Like all obsessions, the Making has advantages: for instance, my only interest in making money would be to make it. Fortunately, however, I should prefer to make almost anything else, including locomotives and roses. It is with locomotives, not to mention acrobats, spring electricity, Coney Island, the 4th of July, the eyes of mice and Niagara Falls that my poems are competing. They are also competing with each other, with elephants and El Greco." ~ e. e. cummings
Aside from the camaraderie and shared sense of purpose that I gain from my association with the {NewNew} craft team, I love all the creativity. Even if it's unlikely that I will have the time, or the talent, or the energy to do a project, I love reading about how, or why, or what, someone else is making.

I've just started a new column on the {NewNew} Handmade New York blog that's a version of the infamous Proust questionnaire. Twenty questions about what makes a particular artisan tick is a pretty cool assignment. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy bringing them to you.


More Swag Than You Can Carry

The fabulous Crafts in Chelsea is happening this Saturday and my friends over at Handmade New York (aka The {NewNew} Etsy Street Team) are giving away more than $500 in goodies. There's jewelry, home goods, journals, and a whole plethora of beautiful handmade goodies. No kidding.

Entering is easy. Just follow the directions for participating through Facebook, Twitter, or your own blog, and you'll be eligible for some fantastic prizes from some truly talented artisans.

Go Gorgeous!