Doodlin' Away

I am an unrepentant doodler.

I do a lot of my doodling at work during meetings. It helps me think.

Often, the longer the meeting, the more complicated the doodle.

Sometimes I'll sketch ideas for jewelry or packaging while on the subway, or waiting for friends to show up at a bar restaurant.

And when all else fails -- meaning my friends are late -- there's always whatever is front of me. I'm never bored as long as I have my notepad and pen. This was a delicious cocktail that involved fresh grapefruit, rosemary-infused vodka, and some other stuff. I had two. It was a good night.

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KimmChi Silkscreened Apparel said...

Ah, the art of the doodle! Love when they lend their inspiration to an actual final piece!