Space Stichery, The Final Frontier

Over at the Craft blog, Rachel Hobson posted about artist Marta Brysha, who makes stunning embroideries depicting nebulae, galaxies and other icons of astronomy using gorgeous hand dyed threads and fabrics.

Inspired by childhood visits to her grandmother in Croatia, Brysha has devoted her life to creating embroidered works of art. It is, she says, a kind of alchemy wrought with needle and thread.You can watch it all unfold on her blog, Silk and Colour.


Marta Brysha said...

Thanks for posting about my work. I've only had the website up for a few days and the response has been wonderful.

As a Trek fan I appreciate the cultural reference.

cheers, Marta


per suede said...

Marta, I'm such a huge fan! Thanks for stopping by.

Marta Brysha said...

My pleasure per suede! I have subscribed to your blog via Google Reader (not sure that this makes me appear as a follower or not), so I will be stopping by frequently.

Happy Blogging, Marta