Tara Donovan

tara donovan - bluffs

A great post from Lisa Solomon over at poppytalk about artist Tara Donovan. I think the pictures speak for themselves about the intrigue of Donovan's work and the tension between what you experience looking at it from a distance, and then the surprise of it up close.

tara donovan - bluffs - made out of buttons/glue - detail

tara donovan - untitled (plastic cups)
 tara donovan - untitled (plastic cups) - detail

tara donovan - transplanted
tara donovan - transplanted - made from tar paper - detail

And here's a New York Times article about Donovan where she offers a little insight into where her ideas come from and how she arrives at these massive installations. What spoke most to me is her quote at the end of the article, where she says so much of making art is about paying attention.


KimmChi said...

I've loved her work for years! Been waiting patiently to hear about another NY exhibition

per suede said...

Me too!