A Burst of Pretty

I'm hearing that anenomes are having "a moment."

a gorgeous arrangement of white anemones and orange ranunculi from flaming petal

image from brides.com, by way of aesthetic outburst

image from wholeblossom
image from california organic flowers


Brazilian Shrimp Stew

Tried Bewitching Kitchen's recipe for shrimp moqueca over the weekend and it was delish! I didn't find it necessary to brine the fresh shrimp beforehand, but when I made it a second time (it was that good), brining definitely helped with the frozen shrimp. Also made a veggie version for my sis, using zucchini as the main attraction. Yum.


Well Preserved

Recently I came across Debbie Tuch and her jewelry line, Glittlerlimes, made of real fruits sliced and preserved with glitter resin. Originally from San Francisco, Tuch is now based in Brooklyn, where she makes her own glitter resin from scratch.

Lime slice necklace
She also uses nuts and candy in her designs.

Assorted Jordan Almond Necklaces
Pecan Earrings

Just this past winter, Glitterlimes was among the featured designers at the Lady Gaga-curated holiday wonderland at Barney's. Tuch's glitter-resin swirl lollipops, super gummy cola necklaces and jewelry out of real rock candy are still available online.

Of all of the designs, I think the color and pop-reference of the candy jewelry is most appealing to me. I usually prefer to ingest my food, not wear it. But I do understand the attraction of the unusual and of inherent design that can be found in the natural world. Plus, because of the organic nature of her materials, there is an interesting juxtaposition between the gradual petrification or decay of the fruit and its glittery casing. Sometimes beauty isn't obvious, nor is it the same for every beholder.  What do you think? Would you wear a glitter-preserved lime slice brooch?


Edible Bling

I love this DIY post on "chocolate gems" from Brett Bara:

Think I'm gonna make a bunch of these for my first day at the Brooklyn Flea on April 7 (only a month away!). Also, I imagine these would be really pretty with white chocolate. Hmm, the possibilities.....



Oscar Jewelry

Though the general description of "sparkly" is usually all that's required to attract my eye, I found a few specific pieces and looks I really liked from this year's Oscars.

Viola Davis rocked these emerald and diamond earrings like nobody's business. 
Spare, geometric, diamond-crusted bangles on Judy Greer

LOVE these exaggerated (and sparkly) links worn by Emma Stone.

Though technically worn to an Oscar-viewing party, I think these count as "Oscar jewelry." A striking and unusual choice from David Webb,  made of platinum, gold, diamonds, carved jade, coral and black enamel.
My favorite of the night - unusual, stunning, gorgeous boulder opals worn by Busy Phillips.

What were your favorites?